Round Hollow Room Cake Dummies

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Round Hollow Room Cake Dummies

Round hollow room cake dummies.

Also known as the theatre cake dummy.

Made from high density white expanded polystyrene with 1 inch deep walls.

You can order them up to 6 inches tall

As an example an 8 inch diameter dummy would have a 6 inch inner circle inside.

You can create amazing looking cakes with this type of cake dummy.

Our cake dummy products are more compressed than cake dummies you will usually find elsewhere as we use E.P.S 150 Extra Hard Density  polystyrene. Normally cake dummies are made using  E.P.S 100 grade or lower.

Being a sturdier cake dummy you can re-use them if required

Extra high density cake dummies are suitable for all types of coverings a cake maker would use such as royal icing, fondants, ganache and much more.

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