Privacy Policy

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP)


Google Analytics, We use Google Analytics which is a third party service to track visitor information on our website and all its subdomains and redirected domains. It provides us with visitor information regarding what pages are viewed from when a visitor arrives on our website homepage to the end of the process checkout page. Customer personal details are not shared with Google Analytics and this third-party service is only used to enable us to view the most popular pages, the time spent on each page viewed and the graphic location. This enables us to optimise our business.


Website Cookies

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers downloaded on to your computer when you access certain websites. Like virtual door keys, cookies unlock a computer’s memory and allow a website to recognise users when they return to a site by opening doors to different content or services. Like a key, a cookie itself does not contain information, but when it is read by a browser it can help a website improve the service delivered. They give customers quick access to their username, password and account details without having to retype them on each visit to our website. website navigation and customer stored basket information. It allows the customer to view multiple pages without having to reset. We do not share data with any third party.


Personal Data

To process a customer order effectively we must gather the following information.

Customer name and title.

Customer location, delivery and billing address, mobile and landline telephone numbers.

Customer location, delivery address and telephone numbers are shared with the courier delivery third-party service.

Customer email address and customer purchases.

We do not store or have access to customer payment card details. Payment transactions are processed through Woo-commerce and Paypal.

You can access, view or change your personal information by logging into your customer account.

We do not have access to customer account passwords.


Mailing Lists.  We do not use a mailing list service.