square topsy turvy cake dummies

Square Topsy Turvy Cake Dummy 3 Inch Deep

Square Topsy Turvy Cake Dummy 3 Inch Deep.

Square topsy turvy cake dummy also known as a Wonky Cake Dummy.

Each dummy has a slanted cut ,when stacked it gives the appearance of a wonky cake.

Our Topsy Turvy cake dummies are also available in 4 inch and 5 inch deep.

The cake dummies are from 4 inches to 14 inches diameter.

Extra High Density white polystyrene E.H.D 150 cake dummies.

Our cake dummy products are more compressed than cake dummies you will usually find elsewhere because they are made using E.P.S 150 Extra Hard Density  polystyrene with a flame retardant addition. Normally cake dummies are made using  E.P.S 100 grade or lower.

Being a sturdier cake dummy you can re-use them if required and they will not easily leave finger imprints on them.

Extra high density cake dummies have a sharp edged finish or a chamfered bevelled edged finish and they are suitable for all types of coverings a cake maker would use such as royal icing, fondants and ganache.

Because we use an extra high density polystyrene this means that they have to be cut at a slower speed which takes more time to produce them. However the end result is a better quality cake dummy for our customers while still maintaining a very competitive price.

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